Reynolds Creek Backpacking Trip in February // Idaho

Last weekend my husband, our two friends and I headed out on our first backpacking trip of the year. In February. Now yes I'm sure you're thinking that you read that wrong or you're thinking we are in a warm tropical climate or something, but no folks, we went backpacking in February in Idaho! The drive out to the trail head was an adventure in it's self! We drove out towards the Wilson Creek Recreation area, which is mostly a landscape of dirt and sagebrush with a few granite outcroppings and s wonderful surprise of seeing two bands of wild horses! The road started out as pavement and then transitioned to gravel, then dirt, and then finally a dirt sand mix from areas of run off during times of moisture. Due to the condition of the "road" we ended up parking about a mile from the trail head and hiked along a sandy trail through granite outcroppings. Once we reached the trailhead we were at the entrance to Reynolds creek canyon. The path through the first mile of the canyon was originally created by Chinese miners and has since been decently maintained. This trail takes you deeper into the canyon, following alongside the creek. The further you go the more the canyon opens up, with amazing cliffs rising up on either side of you. All in all the trail itself was fairly easy to navigate. We ended up pitching our camp along side the creek on a nice grassy flat. The weather held up and only sprinkled on us for a few minutes or so, other than that it was fair temperatures but pretty windy through the canyon. Night time got pretty dang chilly though and I don't think any of us were anticipating it to be that cold! We all ended up wearing every single article of clothing that had been packed. Needless to say next time we will be a little more prepared but all in all it was a really great trip that totaled 8.2 miles! Can't wait to see where our next trip takes us!

Katelyn BarthlomeComment