Halverson Lake

Last weekend we decided to go on a super quick backpacking trip to start spring break off right. Friday night we got to the trail head around 9 pm, which meant it we could be hiking in with our headlamps on. The trail its self was easy and with little elevation gain, you just had to watch where you stepped as to not trip on any rocks. We made camp around 11 pm but we couldn't really see what our surrounding were seeing as it was dark out. Again we really lucked out with the weather and had a very warm night full of all sorts of animal sounds; frogs, owls, birds, and of course coyotes. When we woke up it was really neat to see where we had actually laid camp! We had ended up in the middle of a boulder field surrounded by huge basalt boulders which we had a blast climbing all over. If you are a beginning backpacker I would definitely recommend this trip to you!

Katelyn BarthlomeComment