Maddie // Boise Foothills

When we first decided to shoot the other day, we had planned on doing an indoor studio shoot dues to the forecasted rainy weather for that day. Instead we decided to take our chances and shoot outside while we had a break from the rain. We made it a mile of two up the trail before it started to sprinkle on us but we kept moving, stopping occasionally to take some pictures. Soon enough the sprinkle turned into a slight downpour and then a full on sideways rain from which we were completely drenched by in a matter of seconds. We decided to turn back and try our luck inside at the studio, but just as we got back to the car the sun came out and we pursued another trail  in hopes of shooting a few more shots before the next storm system rolled in. A small waterfall and grassy area off the trail made for a great location where we spent the next hour or so shooting. About halfway through, we got pelted by a quick hail storm, but at this point we figured we were already soaked from the rain so a little hail shouldn't hurt, right? Maddie was such a trooper and taking our rick to shoot in the unpredictable weather really paid off!