Willow Creek Trail // Idaho

Going into this hike, we knew that we would be in for a few crick crossings, but we didn't quite realize we would be spending a big chunk of time in the water. The unseasonably warm weather is to thank for that, keeping willow creek water levels fairly high. The first crossing was probably the most challenging because we weren't quite sure how to approach it. After the first two crossing we had become pros at it. The only one who had a hard time crossing was Sammie dog, I"m not sure if she was scared or just didn't want to get wet, but eventually she got over it. after the first few miles in the canyon, it opens up a bit to a wider valley with some granite formations that we had fun climbing all over. The trail its self was pretty faint and had some decent elevation gain to it. I can't say that I'll be rushing back out to do this hike again, but it was definitely a good adventure!

Katelyn BarthlomeComment