Buhl, ID // Kelsey, Parker, Katelyn

A few weekends ago Parker, Kelsey and I decided to make a trip out to good ole' Buhl Idaho! First we stopped by miracle hot springs to check out their alligator, which was big but kept in a small enclosure which was kinda sad. Then we headed out to Balanced rock which is an amazing rock formation that is balancing on a 3ft by 1 ft diameter pillar. This amazing rock formation was carved by the wind, and let me tell you, i can definitely see that. It was super winy out! After checking out the main attraction, we climbed around some of the other rock formations and we even found a few cool caves and mini canyons to climb through. After we'd had our fill of the rocks, we headed into buhl for lunch. without realizing it, we ended up walking into a mennonite diner, and since we were so hungry we decided to give it a chance. Not the best food I've ever had, but certainly not the worst. We then hit up a small local creamery that had delicious ice cream! Next we headed to shoshone falls, seeing as neither kelsey or I had ever been there. The falls weren't flowing to their full capacity but they were still pretty amazing. we spent a few hours hiking around the falls and the canyon then headed back to Boise.