Yosemite // CA

Recently Parker and I decided to take a quick trip to Yosemite National Park over Memorial day weekend. We hit quite a few big storms on the way down, and then when we hit the park entrance it was snowing. In California. In May. Crazy! The drive to our campground didn't really offer us much a view of the park, seeing as it was incredibly foggy with intermitted rain showers. After setting up camp, we decided to take a drive around the park, just to get an idea of where things were at, hoping that the clouds would break and we would get a glimpse of the granite giants.  Once we hit glacier point, the fog lifted and the clouds parted for a few minutes, just teasing us with an amazing view of the valley.  Then with in ten minutes the clouds came back and the rain started to pour, sending us back on our way to camp. We got back to camp around dinner time, and luckily we had another quick break in the rain showers, so we decided to cook up some dinner really quickly before the rain came back. We made some instant mashed potatoes and I grilled up some New York steaks, which were AMAZINGGGGG! Then the rain came back and since there wasn't much else to do we decided to turn in for the night....but unfortunately it wasn't the tent that we slept in. Because of the heavy rains after dinner we (and by we I mean Parker) ran back and forth from the tent to the car, transferring all of our ground pads and sleeping bags to the back of the element, where we ended up sleeping for the night. That's right, Me Parker, and the dogs all crammed into the back of the element for the night. It ended up being surprisingly comfortably and warm. The next morning we awoke to blue skies and sunshine! We headed out early back up to Glacier point in hopes of beating the other tourists up there. Unfortunately it seemed that everyone had the same idea.  We took a bunch of pictures up there, jumping on the rocks and freaking people out. then we headed down into the valley and hit up the convince store for a few souvenirs and drove around the park a bit more and then headed back to camp once the rain storms hit again.  All in all it was a very short trip, but it was very fun. Unfortunately the park didn't end up being as dog-friendly as we had hoped so we only ended up staying one night. I think if we were to go back again, it would be without the dogs so that we would be able to do more hikes!